Holiday Information for Icmeler

Turkey & the Icmeler Area

Situated on a bay, backed by rugged pine-clad mountains sloping down to beaches and clear blue sea, Icmeler is one of the most attractive resorts in Turkey, ideal for water sports and boat trips. It makes an excellent starting point for a Gulet Cruise touring the Aegean coastline. Many tourists coming to Icmeler for the first time find the resort irresistable and return year after year. The accommodation in Icmeler is of a high standard and there are many restaurants of good quality to choose from at inexpensive prices. The resort of Icmeler is a perfect size not too large but big enough to keep you interested. It is an ideal setting for families and couples and those who wish to relax and get to know the locals. In the heat of the day Icmeler is quiet when everyone is lapping up the sunshine on the beach or poolside or perhaps on a day tour exploring the wonderful countryside, culture and history. By night it comes alive with the bustle from restaurants and the canal side stalls selling their fancy goods and trinkets. Try the Venice Restaurant on the canal for good food and entertainment, a big hit with the Brits! Icmeler is only a stone through away from the livelier resort of Marmaris - a 15 minute bus ride away by Dolmus (A small minibus – shared taxi).

In Marmaris, there is a spectacular marina with quality restaurants fronting it. Try the Pineapple restaurant for something special or if you prefer a more informal setting try upstairs, the English Pub, a traditional English pub serving quality food and drinks, overlooking the spectacular Netsel Marina.

There are many excellent buys in Turkey, try Marmaris Bazaar or the local markets where you can haggle for an excellent price. The best buys are designer clothing, towels, leather goods, copper and brass ware, carved onyx and jewellery. For that special gift, hand made items are an excellent buy such as Turkish carpets, crochet tablecloths and mats or the locally produced pine-scented honey. If you are thinking of buying a carpet why not come along on our village tour and see the carpets being made when you will have the opportunity to purchase a quality carpet at co-operative prices.

Turkey really does have something for everyone - bars and cafes, traditional music and belly dancing. Beautiful scenery, ancient history, friendly warm locals with interesting culture and life. For the more energetic, a choice of water sports, night life and day tours are available. Or if you prefer try a boat trip to top up your tan.. Turkey – Icmeler - An experience of a lifetime and a place not to be missed

Culture and Customs

In the tourist resorts the local people have become accustomed to tourism and there are no hard and fast rules for dress and behaviour. However, Please be aware that you are visiting an Islamic Country with strong cultures and customs, especially in the villages. If visiting the villages please show respect and ensure that you wear modest clothing such as a short sleeve blouse and skirt or shorts, this applies to both men and women. Please do not wear swimwear in the villages or on the main streets of the resort, although it is acceptable on the beaches or at the poolside. You will hear the pleasant sound of the Imam (the caller of prayer) from the mosques five times a day, starting at around 5am and and last call around 10pm, this is a pleasant sound and adds to the feeling of being in a wonderful eastern setting.

The people are extremely friendly and no matter where you go whether in a shop or walking through a residential area, you will be made very welcome and invited to drink tea or eat fruit with them.

Currency Exchange

The currency in Turkey is Turkish Lira. Because of the past high inflation rates the notes were in millions, which could seem very difficult to calculate with all the zeros! At the end of 2004 the Turkish lira was devalued and the zeros were cut off the notes. This makes it much easier to calculate the exchange rate. The currency is now very easy to calculate and you become familiar with it very easily. Most of the restaurants and shops price items and accept payment in English sterling. It has always been a dilemma by tourists whether to buy their Turkish currency in the UK or bring English sterling or Travellers Cheques to Turkey. This really all depends on the rates given in the UK and commissions charged. Normally it is best to bring sterling with you and exchange your money in Turkey, or pay for items bought using sterling. Travellers cheques are normally subject to commissions but be careful when changing as some change offices are advertising ‘no commission’ but do charge. At Icmeler Travel Centre you may pay for your holiday and tours by Sterling or Travellers cheques and no commission will be added. Before changing any money in Icmeler come and see us to find out the best exchange rates. Please note that Scottish notes are not accepted in Turkey. Please ensure you order English Sterling from your Bank before leaving the UK.

Health and Insurance

Please ensure that you obtain the appropriate holiday insurance policy before leaving the UK as health care can be very expensive in Turkey. Although you are covered by your holiday insurance policy for health issues (subject to conditions) a policy excess may apply, this is a sum of money liable to be paid by you and is not covered by your insurance policy. Check your policy when purchasing for ‘policy excesses’. Also it is advisable to bring a credit card with you for incidentals such as hospital or doctors fees. In some cases holiday insurance will be accepted as payment minus the policy excess, but you may be asked for full cost of the medical care to be paid for in the resort. Please be aware that although Health Care is covered by your insurance policy it does not mean that it is free in the resort, it may be the case that you must pay and then reclaim from your insurance policy. If Health Care is required in the resort, please ensure that all reports, invoices and receipts are obtained as the insurance company will request these to repay the amount paid out.

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British Passport holders will require to purchase an evisa before travelling to Turkey. Here is a link to the official site for purchasing your evisa.